Most Amazing Roast Ever!

Last night I decided I wanted to cook this roast I found in my deep freezer after I cleaned and organized it (more on that tomorrow). So I found a recipe that I had pinned a long time ago and tried once. So I have made this before but it was awhile ago and I wanted to try it again! It is called “The easiest and most amazing roast EVER!”

The pin:

1 package of each of the following: brown gravy mix, powdered ranch dressing mix, and powered Italian dressing mix

1/2 cup water

1 roast

Combine the water with all the packages of seasonings and pour over roast in a crock pot. Cook until done (I put my crock pot on for 8 hours).

ready to cook!

ready to cook!

I went to work and when I came home the house smelled so delicious I just wanted to lick the air lol! It turned out really good and everyone loved it!!



Changes I would make:

#1 I would increase the water to 1 cup. When we ate the roast it was delicious but when you dipped it in it’s own juices the seasonings were really strong. So if you are making this for au jus or using the juices for homemade gravy I would increase the amount of water.

#2 In the photo of the pin they show, and I assume used, a chuck roast for this recipe. Well rump roasts were on sale when I got mine so I bought that for a lot cheaper. Since the roast in the pin was flatter, and therefor more easily covered, I realized the rump roast might be all dry since most couldn’t be covered. I decided to cut the roast in half so I had two somewhat flat pieces and placed them in the crock pot and then covered it with the seasonings. It worked out perfectly and cutting it didn’t matter since roast falls apart anyways!

It was the easiest and most delicious roast I have ever cooked!! Enjoy!

Happy Pinning!!


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