Skip Grocery Shopping This Week part 2

In this post: I organized my cupboards thanks to some wonderful tips posted by The Budget Diet blog. Well since it said it would be a week long project I decided to clean out and organize my deep freezer!

What a mess!!

What a mess!!


As you can see it has been awhile since it has been defrosted or organized! Whenever I wanted to find something I had to dig around and move stuff which, at times, proved to be quite hazardous to my feet. Ever dropped a frozen package of hot dogs on top of your feet?? OUCH!!! So to start I took everything out and placed it on the floor of my utility room and I started throwing out old stuff. I found several pints of frozen yogurt that when I tasted them were gritty and freezer burned…nasty!…so I tossed them. I also tossed some old chili I had made who knows when and a few other waaaaaaaaaaay out of date things! Then I unplugged the freezer,  boiled multiple pans of water, placed them in the freezer and closed the door. When everything was thawed out hours later I wiped out all the water and lingering frost (my deep freezer is strategically placed over the drain in the utility room so when I defrost it there isn’t much mess on the floor.) and started putting things back in a more organized manner.

When I open the door...

When I open the door…

Easy to see what I have!

Easy to see what I have!

Nice and organized!

Nice and organized!



Now I can see what I have when I open the door without having to shift and move things! Yay no more bruised feet!! Also the frost was so bad that I found a package of tortillas buried under it as the defrosting started!

Tips from me:

#1 When organizing your freezer place the boxed items in a way that you can clearly see what is inside each ones. Now when I go for veggies I can see what each flavor is the second I open the freezer this make is a lot easier to locate what you need.

#2 Group by like items (i.e veggies) or brand (i.e Bird’s Eye or Green Giant) so you always know which self has what. My top shelf contains misc boxed frozen items, my second shelf has all the boxed snack food (ice cream bars, hot pockets, easy fries etc.), one basket holds all my frozen “loose” meats like hot dogs, individually wrapped pork chops and steaks etc along with my cheese, under that is all the frozen meat on a shelf (like packages of roast, chicken breasts,  lunch meats etc.), and the bottom basket holds my frozen creamers and fresh takes.

#3 Like she stated in the blog if you come across anything you have no idea what to with just do a quick internet/pinterest search and you can find lots of recipes!

So now that I can clearly see what I have I cook for a whole other week just using what I have on hand…apparently we’re going to be eating a lot of asparagus lol!!

Happy Pinning!


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