Random Funnies

Often times I will pin things I find hilarious so that way when i get feeling sad I can look at them and laugh! Often times I will direct them at people in my life, via Facebook, to make them laugh too. Most often they are directed at my best friend, really like a sister, Larysa because we have the same humor and she would just “get” the joke!

The board: http://www.pinterest.com/aradias/funnies/

My best friend knows what to do!

My best friend knows what to do!

I prefer either Arbor Mist blackberry, last time we drank I woke up with a headache and vague memories of a lot of laughing!, or Moscato D’Asti 😉



The last one she found especially funny since she is a mom to 5 kids and they often don’t listen to her! Often times I will go with her (and take my 1 child) and help her corral her kids so she can do her shopping. I love those kids dearly but after 20 minutes of “Moooooooooooom Lily touched me!” “No I didn’t! But Aiden hit mmmmeeeeeeeee!!!” I am amazed she still has custody of them all (kidding)!

This is SO us!

This is SO us!

Sounds fun huh??

And one final funny:


I HATE Twilight..cannot stand the movies…books…fandom…ANYTHING! So when I found this I started laughing so hard and couldn’t stop because it, IMO, is so true! I watched Buffy as a teen and I loved how she was a strong, positive role model for girls. She didn’t need to be save 24/7! Nope she kicked ass and had fun doing it! Now girl’s look at Bella and want to be her….WHY???…it boggles my mind because she doesn’t do anything as cool as Buffy did. Not to mention the fact that real vampires do not SPARKLE!!! Ugh….

Anyways hope you enjoyed these pins…because they make me laugh all the time!


Happy pinning!


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