Hopes and Dreams

I have been sidelined by a badly sprained ankle so I have been unable to attempt any crafts, new recipes, or other things I have had lined up for awhile. So I haven’t had any new things to post but I missed posting so I was looking at my boards for anything new, funny, or inspiring. But what I found was a small almost forgotten board titled “My Dreams”. I started it when a group I was apart of wanted to know what everyones hopes and dreams for the future were. So I made the board to pin a few things and here are some of them

My Board:


First I would like to travel to Finland!

Finnish Flag

Finnish Flag

I know everyone reading this is going “Finland?!?” it’s the response I get a lot from my family and friends. I love so many bands that come from Finland and I have always been slightly obsessed with the region since my ancestry on my dads side comes from there.

Second I would love to be able to pay it forward in a big way!

Helping others

Helping others

When I was down and needed help many people were there to support me and help me with so many things….among them paying my bills and rent. Right now I try my best to do what I can when I can. At times I have paid for someone else’s order and a restaurant or give food out to a homeless man. One day I will help others in a way I was helped!


Third every day I will tell myself this:



I have lots more dreams but these are some of my favorites! Remember everyday to do something random and nice for someone..it could be a smile, a hug, a soda, or buying them lunch. Anything can change a person’s life! Always follow my motto above!

Happy Pinning!


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