Halloween Crafts: Lollipop Ghosts

I love, love, LOVE Halloween! It is my favorite holiday and one day when I own my own home I will decorate so it is Halloween 24/7 365! So when this time of year rolls around I love to decorate, make spooky fun crafts, enjoy lots of pumpkin flavored things, and jsut get ready for the most spook-tacular month of the year!


Bag of Tootsie Roll Lollipops (or other suckers like Blo Pops, but not flat ones)

Box of tissues


Items you need to make this craft.

Items you need to make this craft.

First you are going to cut some yarn in pieces big enough so you can tie it around the lollipop stick.

Cut yarn

Cut yarn

Then you drape a tissue over the lollipop and tie it just under the round sucker part on the stick.

almost done

almost done

Now you can decorate your ghosts! Some people use marker to put eyes, nose, and mouth on them but you can decorate them anyway you want! I put spooky fun stickers on them. Also before you hand them out don’t forget to frill out the bottom of the tissue to make it look like a floaty ghost!

Finished Ghost

Finished Ghost

This is a fun craft for kids or adults. I work as a Occupational Therapist and I took the items to work and had my patients make some for their kids/grandkids/friend etc. They all had so much fun! Making these will help increase fine motor skills, sequencing, creativity, and if you do them while standing will help balance. So it is ideal for kids, disabled people, or patients in a nursing home…to me thats the best part anyone can make these because they are so easy and simple!!


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