Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies!

Ok so I heard about this thing called chocolate chip brownie cookes and I thought “OMG that must be heaven on a plate! It’s almost to good to be true!!” then I did some searching on Pinterest, I had to type it in just like it is on the title because “brownie cookies” gets you a bazillion ways to use a brownie mix to make cookies, and I found them!

Now while I did pin a recipe I only used it for the basic guidelines: temp and time to bake.

The pin:

Now how I made them was like this:


Brownie mix and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Brownie mix and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Now to make the cookie dough I simply followed the Nestle toll house recipe. After this I mixed up the brownies according to the instructions on the box. After that I took a cake pan, the pin used a smaller square pan for thicker ones. But mine after baking filled the whole pan, and spread the brownie batter around.

Brownies on bottom

Brownies on bottom

Then I used my cookie scooper to put the cookie dough right on top of the brownie dough and finally I took a spatula and smoothed the cookie dough around a bit.

Ready to bake!

Ready to bake!

Bake in the over on 350 degrees for 40 minutes then cool and enjoy!

Cooling down...

Cooling down…


Ready to eat!!

Ready to eat!!

Tips by me:

#1 When they came out and I scooped out the first piece I noticed that there was more cookie then brownies, unlike in the original pin. So I decided that next time I will put half the cookie dough on top and bake the rest as cookies!

#2 If you like gooey brownies or cookies then bake for 35 minutes. If you like them fully baked then cook until a knife or toothpick comes out clean after being inserted into the center.

#3 To make it even easier (for time crunched people) get a packaged cookie mix along with the brownie mix. Follow all instructions on both mixes, layer then bake!

#4 Don’t be alarmed at how brown the cookies are on top but if your cookie part is done before the brownies (insert toothpick all the way to the bottom of your pan to see if the brownies are still undercooked) then cover the dish with tin foil to keep the cookies from burning.

These were super easy to make and sinfully delicious! This was definitely a hit with my family and I doubt they will let me bake regular cookies or brownies ever again!

Happy Pinning!


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