Pill Sorting Activity

I am an Occupational Therapist Assistant. I know most everyone is now like “Is that like Physical Therapist?” or “You help people work?”. I am part of a rehabilitation team and I work to get elderly patients home. I work on getting them back to doing things like dressing, toileting, and standing balance. One of the things people have to do upon returning home is to take their meds and learn to keep them straight. I made a pill sorting activity tonight that I can take with me to teach people how to properly sort their pills.

I found a pill label template  and I edited the contents of the labels to make it easy for my patients.

finished bottles.

finished bottles.

I only included the name of a fake pharmacy, a joke doctor name (See one says Donna Noble…a la Doctor Who lol), real drug name and when to take it. I filled them with different colored beads and included an empty pill box for them to  sort the “pills” into. I then used scotch tape to fasten them to the bottle then layer other strips to “laminate” it to the bottle. Done!

Now you don’t have to use this for a therapy job! I have found many uses like party favors (filled with candy)….joke gifts…and many other! It’s a fun, simple activity that had multiple uses! Make labels for chill pills, happy pills, fun pills and fill them with candy and hand out to friends/family! Go crazy and have fun with it!


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