Weight Watchers Taco Soup

Since last November I have been trying to lose weight, I was at 170 now I am down to 145, and I pinned a lot of yummy looking, low calorie, and healthy meals. This week I have been really sick…just feeling so lousy and not like me at all. So I figured the thing to do would be to make some soup and after looking at my cooking board I came across this:

The pin: http://ww-recipes.net/2012/01/weight-watchers-taco-soup-recipe-4-ww-points-6-ww-points-plus/

Now I have made this before but I changed a few things and it tasted OK…not amazingly delicious but not terrible either. Then my mom found the pin and made it following the directions and she gave me some. Wow it was just amazing! So tasty, flavorful and just delicious! So this go round I won’t change a thing and I will make it the right way!

Getting ready to cook.

Getting ready to cook with these ingredients.

It’s simple all you do is brown the ground turkey (or beef or chicken…whatever you want) add the seasonings after the meat is cooked. Open and add all canned ingredients without draining them and simmer on low heat for an hour. Serve with anything you want: cheese, sour cream, tortilla chips, or guacamole. But keep in mind the extras will add more calories if you are eating this to cut weight.

ready to simmer for an hour!

ready to simmer for an hour!


Tips from me:

#1 Never change a recipe until you tried it once in the original form lol!!

#2 I will drain the corn next time I like the flavors but the corn juice just made it taste to…corny.

This will thicken up in the fridge over night so the first day it’s soupy then the next it has a nice stew consistency. Since the batch is so big I freeze half of it (it’s just me and my daughter) so when I get sick or don’t feel like cooking all I just pull it outta the freezer and heat it up! Also I love to bake some potatoes (I use Alexia Oven Red potato wedges) and serve a cup of this over it with some cheese and it tastes just like chili cheese fries…just healthier!

Happy Pinning!